Piling Hole Excavation

Piles are long, slender structural elements made of materials like concrete, steel or timber, which are driven or drilled into the ground to provide support for buildings, bridges and other structures. Piling hole excavation involves the creation of specific, deep holes or shafts in the ground to accommodate these piles. These holes can range wildly in depth and diameter, depending on the exact needs of a business, such as the installation of signs, telephone and utility poles, fences and any other application requiring a post being installed in the ground. These holes create a stable foundation for a structure, especially in areas with unstable or weak soil conditions. Piles transfer the load of the structure to deeper, more stable soil layers.

Hydro excavation allows operators to create accurate holes of any size and depth in order to create a solid support system for the structure. Hydro excavation is the ideal choice for piling hole excavation because it is a non-destructive process. It eliminates the risk of damage to buried utilties, cables and pipes and reduces damage to the surrounding area than traditional excavation methods.

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