Potholing & Daylighting

Potholing or daylighting is the process of digging a test hole to locate, expose and perform maintenance on underground utilities. It’s particularly useful for verifying the exact location and depth of utilities, such as gas lines, water mains, electrical conduits and telecommunication cables. Industrial, commercial and residential communities all need to “daylight” from time to time to check for cracks, leaks or any kind of damage. Potholing is crucial for preventing accidents, as it provides a clear view of what’s below the surface. This helps in avoiding accidental damage to utilities, which can be dangerous and costly.

Traditionally, potholing or daylighting was accomplished using a backhoe or by hand or shovel digging. Utilizing a backhoe increases the safety risks for nearby citizens and operators and often moves more dirt than necessary, while hand and shovel digging is intensive and time-consuming.

With hydro excavation, you can eliminate nearly all the downsides of traditional potholing and daylighting excavation. It provides a precise and non-mechanical process that keeps everyone safe. It also reduces additional costly expenses, such as restoration, repairs or damage to utilities.

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