Industrial Vacuum Cleaning

Industrial vacuum loaders are generally found in coal-fired power plants, mines, corn producing plants, and numerous other manufacturing plants that produce fine powders that need to be cleaned and maintained. These locations need safe removal of waste materials from their site. Industrial vacuum cleaning systems offer the ideal removal solution for bulk material recovery.


A wide array of materials can be vacuumed with industrial vacuum loaders. In the industry there is a need for equipment that is not only capable of vacuuming wet material but also dry material such as fly ash or cement powders. These materials if vacuumed with a standard style vacuum truck would instantly put a cloud of dust into the atmosphere through the exhaust of the blower. The Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loader has a special filtration system that filters fine particles so there is no carry-over of material into the atmosphere. This is ideal for the environment and operator health, as some of these materials can be toxic or acidic.

Our industrial vacuum loaders are ideal for handling abrasives, alumina, asbestos, brick, carbon, catalysts, cement, chemicals, clay, coke, coal, dolomite, dust, fertilizer, fly ash, fluorspar, foundry sand, grain, grit slag, oxides, lime, metal chips, mill scale, oil spills, ore, paint chips, pellets, rocks, sludges and slurries.



Industrial vacuum loaders can easily and quickly remove materials from remote or inaccessible areas. This versatility enables them to remove materials from barges, breechings, bridges, clarifiers, collectors, cooling towers, conveyors, cranes, elevators, exhaust tunnels, flues, furnaces, heat exchangers, heavy machinery, hoppers, holds, precipitators, reactors, screen settling tanks, sewers, silos, sludge beds, sumps, spills, tanks, thickeners and tube bundles.


A host of industries rely on industrial vacuum loaders for the removal of materials from numerous locations. They offer the ideal removal solution for bulk material recovery from power plants, cement plants, lime and coal plants, pulp and paper plants, chemical and petro chemical applications, foundries, mining, minerals processing, copper and aluminum manufacturing, steel mills, dust collectors, bridge painting clean-up, railway ballast removal applications and the glass industry.

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