Liquid Waste Cleanup

Liquid vacuum trucks are utilized in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications to pump hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste. These units can effectively pump liquids from septic tanks, oil and water separators, catch basins, oil spills and various other settings.

Non-hazardous waste is often thought of as sewage or septic materials but refers to a range of other products. Hazardous waste materials also refer to a range of wastes but are often thought of like products from one of the following categories: chemicals, organic materials, petroleum products, solvents, heavy metals or any residues. Super Products offers vacuum trucks for liquid waste that fit in any of these categories, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

Hazardous Waste or Oil Spills

For hazardous waste or oil spills, liquid vacuum trucks are essential to collect and store materials quickly to prevent environmental contamination or entrance to local waterways.


Our liquid vacuum trucks serve a wide variety of industries including refinery or petrochemical, utilities, engineering and manufacturing, wastewater treatment facilities and many more.

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