Sewer Cleaning

Municipalities rely on intricate and often aged underground and above-ground systems to direct wastewater and storm water safely and efficiently. Whether addressing emergency situations or performing preventative maintenance such as routine cleaning, municipalities and contractors depend on jetting and vacuuming equipment that is reliable and efficient for sanitary and storm sewer cleaning.

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

Municipalities rely on intricate, and often aged underground and above-ground systems to direct wastewater and storm water safely and efficiently. These intricate networks of underground pipes, pumps and lift stations require constant cleaning to ensure effective performance. Vacuum cleaning and pressure washing equipment specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of sanitary sewer cleaning applications ensures that these are well maintained. Vacuum cleaning and pressure washing are also an ideal way to prepare new systems for inspections.

Water Treatment Plant Cleaning

Pressure washing and vacuum cleaning has various applications in water treatment plant cleaning. Combo units meet the cleaning needs of water treatment plants using a positive displacement vacuum system for various vacuum applications. This provides the ideal solution for cleaning grit chambers, sludge pits, bar screens and removing sludge and other substances from lagoons, providing a setting for the most sanitary water possible.

Water Main Repair

Vacuum cleaning is an optimal solution for various applications utilized by municipal water departments, such as area cleanup prior to fixing or replacing water mains and fire hydrants and cleaning valve boxes. Combo units provide a fast and safe way to remove material without requiring traditional digging equipment to excavate a jobsite. This is ideal in emergency situations where time is of the essence, such as fixing water main breaks or replacing fire hydrants.

Cleaning and Washing

A number of tasks, including sign washing and street cleaning, can be accomplished efficiently with high-pressure water and vacuum systems, often used for cleaning sewers and catch basins, making them versatile cleaning systems. Combo sewer cleaners and jetters can also be used as pressure washers to accomplish virtually any high-pressure cleaning application, without the need for additional cumbersome equipment.

Storm Drain Cleaning

Pressure washing and vacuuming storm sewer lines, catch basins, lift stations and culverts ensures effective water flow throughout sewer and storm water networks. This method removes dirt, grit and other debris that can build up and result in blockages.  Combination sewer cleaners use high pressure water while simultaneously vacuuming debris and water into the debris body. Our units are equipped with a hydraulic plate-operated dewatering system allowing operators to compress the material, remove water and drain it separately.

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