Catch Basin & Storm Drain Cleaning

Keeping storm drains clean is essential for a properly functioning water drainage system. Unfortunately, this task is often overlooked until disaster strikes. A storm drain system can be as simple as a series of drains and catch basins. In other cases it could be part of a larger municipal stormwater system. In either scenario, street gutters collect flowing water from the surrounding surfaces such as pavement, sidewalks, streets and parking lots. Storm drains receive the flow, so that streets and pathways do not flood.

Stormwater run-off often carries gravel, sand, leaves and other street debris. This material often runs down the system after it has rained, creating buildups within the system. When rainwater can no longer flow down a system because pipes and culverts are blocked, streets can become flooded creating hazardous or impassable travel conditions.

Sewer cleaners are utilized for cleaning and maintaining catch basins, storm drains, and other drainage systems. They can remove sediment, leaves, debris and trash from these structures, preventing clogs and maintaining proper drainage during rainfall events.

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