Super Products “Safer At Home” Order Update

As of Tuesday, March 24, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has issued a ‘Safer at Home’ Order which effectively closes all non-essential business statewide with exception of capacities accomplished by working from home. Under this Order, Super Products qualifies as an essential business per the guidelines below and will continue normal operations.

Essential Businesses and Operations
For the purposes of this Order, “Essential Businesses and Operations” means Healthcare and Public Health Operations, Human Services Operations, Essential Governmental Functions, Essential Infrastructure, and the following:

Manufacture, Distribution, and Supply Chain for Critical Products and Industries
Manufacturing companies, distributors, and supply chain companies producing and supplying essential products and services in and for industries such as pharmaceutical, technology, biotechnology, healthcare, chemicals and sanitation, waste pickup and disposal, agriculture, food and beverage, transportation, energy, steel and steel products, petroleum and fuel, mining, construction, national defense, communications, as well as products used by other Essential Businesses and Operations.

In addition, Governors of several other states have already issued similar orders and more will likely follow in the coming days. Under these orders, all of Super Products’ nationwide rental and service locations qualify as essential businesses and will continue normal operations.

Respecting the wishes of the many customers who have contacted us, we have implemented a travel and site visit hold for our sales teams. All of our sales personnel are at this time working from their offices and are available to you for anything you need. However, if you determine a site visit from us is essential to your business, we will make every effort to accommodate that request.

Finally, and most importantly, as the COVID-19 virus outbreak related events unfold in our communities, Super Products hopes you and yours stay safe and healthy.

Thank you for your support.

Mike Van, President

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Super Products “Safer At Home” Order Update