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Camel® Combination Sewer Cleaners

The Camel Combination Sewer Cleaner is the most versatile combo unit in the industry allowing operators to tackle various applications with jetting, vacuuming and excavating. Whether addressing emergency situations or performing maintenance, municipalities and contractors depend on reliable and efficient equipment to get the job done.

This sewer truck line comes in a variety of model configurations: 900 Dump, 1200 Dump, 1200 Eject and 1200 Wastewater Recycle.

Maximum Safety: These sewer cleaner trucks are designed with operator safety in mind and loaded with a plethora of safety features.

Maximum Reliability: These sewer cleaning trucks are designed to withstand the harshest environments and applications.

Maximum Performance: These sewer trucks come standard with a variety of features and multiple options to increase onsite performance.

The Camel Max Series sewer cleaning trucks have an optional feature of a pusher axle, which allows for increased payload capacity. Additionally, all three 1200 models come standard with a high dump subframe eliminating the need to back up a ramp for debris removal.