Vacuum Trucks

Mud Dog® Vacuum Excavators

A safe and efficient alternative to traditional digging equipment, Mud Dog Vacuum Excavators are designed for operator convenience and consistent performance even in the harshest environments. The product line comes standard as a hydro excavator with an optional air excavation package, is available with 12 yard or 16 yard debris capacity and has 1,500-2,000 gallon water tank capacity.

Versatility: With the Mud Dog, the operator can choose to dig with the best application for the job, water or air, without causing damage to the surrounding area. Units are also equipped with a rear mounted boom that reaches 27 feet and has 335° rotation allowing for versatility within dig areas.

Efficiency: These units come standard with a variety of features to ensure efficient workflow including variable blower and water pump speed and a quick filling water system.

Safety: These trucks come standard with the industry’s safest dumping solution, eject unloading and a variety of safety features including backup cameras, visual and audio alarms and emergency stop switches.