super products liquid ring vacuum truck
durasucker liquid ring vac truck
super products liquid ring

Truck Overview

The Safe Solution is Less Pollution

Customers with strict emission requirements need vacuum trucks with a liquid ring pump configuration in order to safely remove hydrocarbons while maintaining maximum performance. The Durasucker Liquid Ring is a DOT certified, safe and eco-friendly solution for collecting and transporting hazardous and nonhazardous liquid and semi-liquid waste. Liquid Ring units are ideal for vacuuming hydrocarbons safely while reducing the risk of explosions. Friction and heat buildup can create an ignition source; utilizing a liquid ring pump eliminates friction and maintains low temperatures. The liquid ring also acts as a scrubber to reduce exhaust emissions, making it an eco-friendly solution. Additionally, these trucks offer low vibration, operating quieter and causing less wear and tear leading to lower maintenance costs.


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Vacuum System

27" hg 22 psi

Debris Body

3200 gal

Liquid Ring

Vacuum/Pressure Pump 1200 cfm


DOT Certified

Optional Equipment


Detachable Walkway Guard Rails
Liquid Transfer Pump
Grounding Device
Stainless Steel Configuration

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