mud dog 1600 hydro excavation
mud dog 1600 vacuum excavator dig application
mud dog 1600 vacuum excavation
mud dog 1600 vacuum excavator boom

Truck Overview

Dig with Water or Air, Unload Safely

Mud Dog Vacuum Excavators are designed to safely and efficiently meet the challenges of a wide variety of applications from compact, urban projects to large-scale excavation, potholing and trenching projects. The product line comes standard as a hydro excavator with an optional air excavation package, allowing operators to choose the best application for the job. The Mud Dog 1600 has 16-yard debris capacity and 2,000-gallon water tank capacity. Each model comes standard with eject unloading, the industry’s safest dumping solution, and safety features including backup cameras, visual and audio alarms and emergency stop switches. Units are also equipped with a rear mounted boom that reaches 27 feet, has 335° rotation and moves in a 45° upward and 25° downward pivot allowing for versatility within dig areas.

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Power System

Single Engine Design

Water System

18 gpm and 3000 psi

Vacuum System

5800 cfm/28" hg

Debris Body

16 cu yd

Optional Equipment


Air Excavation Package
185cfm x 175 psi
Acculevels® Load Sensor System
Debris body level sensor
Sludge Pump
500 gpm; mounted on rear door
Liquid Transfer Pump
300 gpm; mounted on side
Multiple Truck Chassis Options
Manual or Automatic Transmissions
Dual Tire Chain Racks
One per side
Safety Cone Rack
Grounding Device

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